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Marine Speakers Very Important
Jun 05, 2017

Marine Speakers The reliability and reliability test of loudspeaker are discussed in the aspects of test purpose, test stress and failure data, so it is very important to carry out reliability work in the design and manufacture stage of loudspeaker.

In People's daily activities, it often involves the reliability of the product. Marine Speakers But the reliability of the discipline is not very long, a statement is based on the Agree U.S. military electronic Equipment Reliability Advisory Group (AD-Visory Group on Reliability of electronic Equipment) in July 1957 in the United States published as a symbol. Since then, the reliability of technology in the 4O years of application and development, has undergone a budding, development and maturation process Shan. China from the 2O century 5O years to establish a reliability test base, to promote the reliability of domestic components of the process, for today's domestic components widely into the world market has laid a good foundation. China has become a powerhouse of loudspeaker manufacturing, Marine Speakers but it has not yet become a powerhouse of loudspeakers. With the increase of production, quality and reliability need to be improved. In fact, the reliability of loudspeakers is an important feature of high-grade products, for this point, some speaker manufacturers know is not enough, the concept is also very vague. Marine Speakers Therefore, we should only pay attention to the loudspeaker performance index design, ignoring the tendency of reliability design, fully understand the meaning and meaning of reliability.

Reliability of loudspeakers

2. 1 Definition of reliability and scope of application speaker reliability is defined as: "The speaker product in the specified conditions and within the specified time, to complete the ability to specify the function." "It is the quality of the loudspeaker product after the factory, to describe the use of the speaker is easy to damage and reliability." As the user requirements increase, the speaker structure becomes more and more complex (such as car speakers), the output power is getting larger (such as PA speakers), the use of increasingly harsh environment (such as outdoor speakers), will lead to the reliability of the speaker product level decline. Marine Speakers At the same time, the use of new materials, technology or technology, will also make the speaker unreliable factors increased.

The reliability of the speaker can also be defined as: "The number of faults allowed by the loudspeaker product under specified conditions and within the specified time." The mathematical expression is the average fault interval (MTBF). It can be considered that the random fault is unavoidable and acceptable, and it also leads to the fault caused by the design cause or the manufacturing process, so long as the allowable number is not further traced. To this end, in the 1995 international began to the traditional definition of reliability and random failure of the old concept of unavoidable, and at the same time in the reliability of the implementation of the failure of physical methods. In Europe also began to use the maintenance-free period (MFOP) to replace the original MTBF, failure rate bathtub curve distribution law was broken [21. Therefore, it may not be a delusion to design a loudspeaker product that does not have a random failure, Marine Speakers combining the failure physical method and the failure analysis method Shing. Quite a number of foreign enterprises have already carried out fruitful work in this respect.