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Marine Speakers Technical Gold Content
Oct 27, 2017

Line array speaker system is currently the most professional audio products, Marine Speakers one of the types of gold. The number of major international brands of the entire size of the dominant line array speaker product update frequency slowed down, Marine Speakers the speaker line array related core technology has matured. But around the line array speaker system derived from a lot of eye-catching new technology and new products,Marine Speakers so the speaker line array technology in professional audio products is still an important core of the basic technology.

Directional control technology is the forefront of more intelligent adaptive technology, in addition to the line array speaker directivity control, Marine Speakers the adaptive function to break the past engineering applications, "array assembly → site measurement → assembly adjustment → field measurement" The process of automatic adjustment of parameters based on software and digital signal processing platform to optimize the control target sound field, each work step through the calculation of auxiliary design and automatic optimization to reduce the workload of the design of the commissioning staff.

EAW's Adaptive range of products automatically adjusts the beam coverage angle and directivity by ResolutionTM 2 software according to the conditions of the sound reproduction location. Marine Speakers Here the Adaptive series Anya, Marine Speakers for example, the frequency response range of 35 Hz ~ 18 kHz, horizontal coverage angle of 70 °, vertical coverage angle can be adjusted by software, the user can replace the site model and Anya hanging specific parameters (Such as array spacing, hanging height and other parameters) into the software, Marine Speakers by calculation, without changing the physical position of the speaker array, you can automatically adjust the vertical coverage angle to meet the needs of live acoustic coverage.

The digital wireless technology in the field of microphones has matured, low latency all-digital encoding transmission and adaptive frequency hopping technology to improve the reliability of wireless microphone communication to a new level. Sennheiser's Evolution Wireless series is a new generation of digital wireless microphone system for stage performance, with reliable communication, easy operation, Marine Speakers low delay and so on. The D1 system uses a 2.4 GHz band and is compatible with up to 15 channels, using a multiple transport mechanism and 133 times per second to provide flexible and time-efficient transmission of sound signals while providing flexibility for stage performers with fast automated frequency management. The intelligent gain control technology extends the dynamic range to 145 dB. The newly released G3 system in 2016 uses the A1 band, Marine Speakers which supports up to 32 wireless links at run time to accommodate more complex stage scenes.

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