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Marine Speakers Necessary Durability
May 15, 2017

The marine environment is the most unsuitable environment for placing high-performance speakers, but the Bowers & Wilkins Marine Series is designed for the marine Marine Speakers environment. The series is extremely durable, without sacrificing quality performance. The engineers of Bowers & Wilkins Ensure that the sound quality of the series is perfect and the necessary durability is added.

The speaker fits all the environment: The Ocean Series can be fitted to the IP66 level after proper installation, and can be used to prevent splashing water, waves, Marine Speakers salt mist and dust. Outdoor speakers can be used indoors, at home or in restaurants, and can offer excellent performance regardless of the weather.

There are many kinds of speakers, but the basic working principle is similar, and is a component that converts electrical signals into sound signals. Marine Speakers At present, the most widely used is the electric speaker, it is composed of vibrating film, voice coil, permanent magnet, bracket and so on.

When the speaker's voice coil enters the audio Marine Speakers current after the sound coil has a alternating magnetic field under the effect of the current, the permanent magnet also generates a constant magnetic field of the size and direction unchanged. Because the size and direction of the magnetic field produced by the sound coil varies continuously with the audio current, the interaction of the two magnetic fields makes the sound coil a movement perpendicular to the current direction in the sound coil, which is connected by the Marine Speakers sound coil and the vibrating film, thus driving the vibration of the vibrating film, which causes the vibration of the air by vibrating film and emits sound. The greater the current of the input tone coil, the greater the force of the magnetic field, the greater the amplitude of the vibrating film, the louder The sound. The speaker is mainly in the  Marine Speakers central part of the vibrating film, when the speaker vibrating film's central material is harder, the better the playback sound effect. The Speaker's bass part is mainly on the edge of the vibrating film, if the speaker's vibrating film edges are softer and the paper basin aperture is larger, the better the speaker's bass effect is. In addition, the ball-top speakers are used in a lot of speakers in the days of the market. As you know, the treble speaker because of its high frequency of work, in the replay of the treble when the film will be permanent magnet in the magnetic gap in the air in Marine Speakers high-speed motion, so that the treble speakers of the film can be instantaneous signal to the high frequency response. And can withstand the high speed movement of the air pressure, so for the film production material requirements for the quality of light, and have enough strength.

On the surface, 90db-sensitivity speakers may be pushed better than 86db sensitivities. The problem is that the sensitivity test is only to test the sound pressure that the entire speaker can emit, rather than to test the sound pressure emitted by each speaker unit individually. So, Marine Speakers  when 100 watts of power, at the same time input to the speaker's high, medium and bass unit (assuming the speaker for the three-way design), first encounter the mixer, the splitter after eating some power, then the rest of the power to the three speaker units. At this point, three units will be different from their own efficiency, impedance curves, and the input power to produce different reactions; in other words, the high, medium, and bass units emit the same volume. Usually, if we find a low frequency sense, it is hard to push the trumpet, no matter how efficient it is in the specification, it is hard to push. And this difficult horn, often accompanied by another problem, is that the treble unit is very good push, in the bass unit hard to push, the treble unit is good, you can imagine what will happen? That is a lot of people have tasted the hardships, low Marine Speakers frequency is not full, high-frequency but harsh.

Sensitivity is too low, requiring sufficient power to make good sound, such as the famous LS3/5A horn. Its impedance will be high to 11 ~ 15 Ω, and its efficiency is low to 82db, this high impedance coupled with low efficiency, is caused by LS3/5A is difficult to serve a major reason. Some people use big power to push it, but 3/5A and eat no big powers, too high, it is easy to push its bass to the bottom of the touch, resulting in its KEF bass unit nothing dynamic.