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Marine Speakers Material Use
Oct 18, 2017

Speakers are also known as "speakers". Is a very common electro-acoustic transducer, in the sound of electrical and electronic equipment can see it. The loudspeaker is the weakest device in the audio device, and it is one of the most important parts for the sound effect. Although it is such a simple device, Marine Speakers its development is not overnight, but after a long study and countless people's efforts, and gradually mature and progress. The invention of the speaker is to be able to make "the original sound to reproduce", but despite the efforts of countless scientists, this goal has not yet fully achieved, but is a different way of sound, different manufacturing methods and materials used, making the horn, The world 's most brilliant and splendid garden. Marine Speakers The speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers. External speakers that are generally referred to the speaker, built-in speaker is the MP4 player with built-in speaker. Many types of loudspeakers, according to their conversion principle can be divided into electric (ie, moving coil), electrostatic (ie, capacitive), Marine Speakers electromagnetic (ie reed), piezoelectric (ie crystal) The

The electric speaker was patented on January 20, 1874 for loudspeaker prototypes. Such a loudspeaker is in such a way that the voice coil with the support system is in the magnetic field in order to keep the vibration system in axial motion. Was mainly used for the relay rather than the speaker field. On December 14, 1877, Siemens applied for a horn patent, attached to a moving voice coil above a parchment as a sound radiator, Marine Speakers parchment can be made into an index-shaped cone shape, which is the first phonograph era type.

In the past few decades, the basic principles of electric speakers have not changed, but improved design details and parts. Frequency range and other aspects of the dynamic range of older products have developed by leaps and bounds. Electric speakers to simple structure, excellent sound quality, Marine Speakers low cost, dynamic has become the mainstream of the current market.

In the electric speaker, electromagnetic speaker technology gradually formed during the people began to understand the ideal transducer should be able to use the current through the thin film diaphragm, we began to conceive the belt speaker.

Belt speaker is mainly used in the high frequency band, because of its frequency response curve straight, high frequency upper limit is very high, has a very good transient effect, it can easily form a linear sound source.

Haier speaker is the fourth way of radiation. Marine Speakers It is very elegant band-shaped horn variant. It is between two plastic film, from top to bottom printing aluminum film conductor. Like the accordion-style twists and turns, placed in the strong magnetic field perpendicular to the diaphragm, do not make the diaphragm in the same phase for the front and rear vibration, but for the vertical direction of the acoustic radiation and vibration, and with the adjacent conductor Directional vibrations A study of the vibrations of a crease makes it possible to know that the air entering the wrinkles in the first half of the week is released by the Fresnel principle and the second half of the folds widens The air into it, it is like the table tennis ball in the hands of the ball will not fly to the distance, but the ball caught in the middle of the fingers, Marine Speakers squeeze up and down so that it can fly very far the same. With this principle the same, low resistance (light) air, in the diaphragm at the front and rear to promote, according to the principle of Feige, can be a good blow. The diaphragm hours can be very efficient, but for low audio playback difficulties, the low frequency limit is about 100Hz.