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Marine Bluetooth Receiver Widely Used
Sep 29, 2017

The top is a Micro USB interface, Marine Bluetooth Receiver millet Bluetooth music receiver and did not come with a charging line, their own measures can support millet chargepad 5V 1A normal charge, Marine Bluetooth Receiver do not need to charge a small battery charge, listening songs 4 hours, no 2 hours charging, More than an hour just fine.

The front is a button, press the red light red light alternately flashing, you can adapt well, the second boot directly appears blue light is automatically connected, Marine Bluetooth Receiver shut down has been hold down, there can be a red light, because there is no microphone , This receiver does not support the call function.

Sound quality of this piece can be said quite satisfactory, Marine Bluetooth Receiver although the official website that there are chips, but I did not listen to shock, it may be because the fungus

Bluetooth adapter is generally used in the computer, used to connect Bluetooth devices, with Bluetooth signal reception and send function, can be regarded as a Bluetooth receiver; like a network adapter used to connect the same network equipment; you said above the Bluetooth receiver Belong to special equipment, Marine Bluetooth Receiver generally supporting other equipment to use, like GPS Bluetooth receiver, can be connected to the phone using GPS function, Marine Bluetooth Receiver different Bluetooth receivers have different prices.

ZPW-2000A non-insulated track circuit is widely used in China's rail circuit system, Marine Bluetooth Receiver the main track circuit and 29m tuning area of small track circuit composed of two parts. The small track circuit is regarded as the "continuation section" of the main track circuit of this section, and a small track relay (XGJ) is set up in the room to indicate the working state of the small track circuit and provide the condition of the small track circuit.

There are two types of small track conditions for the ZPW_2000A track circuit.

1, small track conditions into the monitoring, Marine Bluetooth Receiver GJ excitation only check the main track circuit conditions, Marine Bluetooth Receiver do not check the small track circuit conditions, small track circuit conditions only to complete the alarm, said the function and into the computer monitoring;

2, small orbital conditions into the occlusion control, Marine Bluetooth Receiver and as the track relay (GJ) excitation of one of the necessary conditions, if not meet the conditions of small track circuit inspection, then the track relay does not suck;

Small track conditions into the occlusion control Advantages: to achieve a small rail, including the full cut-off inspection, the small track circuit occupied an effective check. Disadvantages: small track inspection conditions into the occlusion control, increasing the complexity of the circuit,Marine Bluetooth Receiver increasing the probability of failure, affecting transport efficiency.