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Marine Bluetooth Receiver The Reason
Jun 05, 2017

USB mode: Bluetooth stereo headset + disk, with Bluetooth headset to receive audio through the chip compressed into MP3 on the simulation of the U disk, Marine Bluetooth Receiver and then let the speaker and other machines think it is a U disk, and read the inside of the MP3, and then through the speaker chip decoded into a sound wave signal released. (good quality, poor compatibility, delay high, 0.5 seconds or so, suitable for listening to songs)

p.s.. Some of the reasons for longer delay, Marine Bluetooth Receiver because some machines have buffering mechanism, it will read MP3 a few seconds to dozens of seconds, particularly in the car, because the vehicle in the traffic, the car manufacturers in order to prevent waves caused by bad contact and interrupt music, may join the buffer mechanism.

Aux mode: is a Bluetooth stereo headset without batteries, Marine Bluetooth Receiver no speakers, the voice line up. Hundred percent compatible with aux equipment (sound quality is not very good, Marine Bluetooth Receiver compatibility strong, delay small, 0.2 seconds or so) (a good power amplifier decoder chip price than this product itself is much more expensive, the price is put in there AH)

All Bluetooth headset speaker delay is nearly 200ms, Marine Bluetooth Receiver that is, 0.2 seconds, this is the basic characteristics of Bluetooth stereo $literal, but will not affect the listening song. Watching video is a bit, but you can sync it up by playing the sound on the software.

Computer connection to see the video delay processing method, you can play software on the sound synchronization settings in the time before the point of voice can be achieved synchronization.

How to use it:

USB mode: Directly plug the Bluetooth audio receiver into the speaker/AMP/car itself USB, and set to the USB playback, press play key play. Mobile phone end Bluetooth search after the success of the connection to sing aloud.

P.S.. The phone is connected to the sound of singing, Marine Bluetooth Receiver wait one minutes speaker/amp/car has not sounded, click on the Speaker/AMP/car on the play key.

Aux mode: The first 3.5 audio cable plugged in, Marine Bluetooth Receiver and finally plugged into the USB port, it can switch to aux mode.

At that time, the Bluetooth appeared, good, some people want to be able to use it to listen to the song how good, so Bluetooth headset appeared. But the Bluetooth headset wearing a long time, the voice is too small, so the horn to change a big, Bluetooth speaker appeared, Marine Bluetooth Receiver listen to feel the Big Horn sound quality is not good, as well as the home of the set of sound box, so the speaker removed into the connector, Bluetooth audio receiver on the debut. Later found AUX output sound quality is not nearly satisfactory, good wave-type audio decoder chip is too expensive, found that now the speakers are USB, also built-in waveform decoder chip. Marine Bluetooth Receiver So the new scheme came out again, add an audio encoding chip, the Bluetooth headset received the audio signal encoded into a virtual U disk, so that the USB port of the speaker to read, so that the speaker to decode, so that the speaker to achieve their own sound quality.--MP3