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Marine Bluetooth Receiver Propagation Mode
May 15, 2017

With the high Fidelity Digital Lossless music on the internet can be Marine Bluetooth Receiver obtained free, many of the high-fidelity video of the friends to play the high-end mobile phone as the carrier of non-destructive music, will a large number of high-fidelity digital Lossless music downloaded to the mobile broadcast. However, no matter how advanced mobile phones, music plays an unsatisfactory effect. But if Marine Bluetooth Receiver the non-destructive music stored in the phone is transmitted by non-destructive Bluetooth, the digital audio source signal is transmitted to your high-fidelity stereo combination. That sound quality can be comparable to the traditional CD audio source, play a wonderful sound of the sounds of nature, below I will introduce this high-quality Marine Bluetooth Receiver Bluetooth reception artifact Tianyi BIS-1:

Tianyi BTS-1 bluetooth receiver, is specially designed to solve a variety of high-fidelity audio equipment (unlimited Yu Tianyi high-fidelity audio amplifier equipment) and digital Bluetooth product connectivity technology research and development of high-fidelity Bluetooth wireless Marine Bluetooth Receiver receiver. The receiver is excellent to solve the problem of Bluetooth wireless connection between mobile phone and notebook computer music library and high fidelity stereo in the range of 15-30 m diameter. As long as the user hands mobile phone, can freely wander in the living room and other rooms, relaxed and pleasant control and enjoy the Bluetooth song library in high-fidelity HI-FI Audio broadcast of the Sounds of nature!

With this lossless high Fidelity Bluetooth receiver, any brand amp can connect with your phone, the high-fidelity player using mobile phone implants, through this non-destructive Marine Bluetooth Receiver APTX Bluetooth transmission mode, a large number of non-destructive songs in the mobile phone to your high fidelity system through your audio combination played a wonderful voice of nature.

Tianyi BTS-1 Bluetooth wireless audio receiver solves the interconnection of mobile media with HI-FI high Fidelity Stereo, it utilizes the Bluetooth SBC or Bluetooth APTX transmission function of the mobile media, and receives the Bluetooth audio signal after supporting three output modes: Marine Bluetooth Receiver analog output, coaxial output, fiber output, and then input traditional HiFi stereo, perfect solves the HiFi replay of the mobile multimedia, can say that the whole media is not small.

Bluetooth APTX is the most outstanding wireless audio transmission patented technology developed by CSR, which can provide a complete audio transmission with the same high quality sound as CD. The audio bandwidth of the Aptx transmits is 20Hz-22kHz, the delay is less than 3ms, and the bandwidth Marine Bluetooth Receiver and sampling of CD quality are consistent. Compared with other high-quality wireless music streaming technology, APTX uses the most concise coding technology to provide efficient energy and stability. APTX need Bluetooth receiver can also support APTX technology, can achieve including Bluetooth 4.0 and low power support, broadband voice, aptx high-fidelity audio, CVC noise and other technologies.

The Bluetooth receiver is very Marine Bluetooth Receiver simple to use: mobile phones and other devices to open Bluetooth, find "Tonewinner" can be automatically paired, as long as the mobile device is Bluetooth APTX transmission, BTS-1 automatically aptx decoding. Switching to "Analog" is required when analog outputs are allocated to the fiber or coaxial output to "Digital". Here are two typical ways to apply.

1, BTS-1 analog output to hifi amp. Using the BTS-1 built-in DAC to decode the normal dual-channel analog signal, this method can satisfy the general demand.

2, BTS-1 coaxial or optical fiber digital output to the DAC power amplifier. This way if the mobile media Bluetooth transmission support APTX is lossless CD quality, is the most perfect solution. I use Iphone5 and Samsung, playing the fans familiar with the ape format classic songs and symphonies, sound field, positioning, thickness, dynamic and CD quality can not hear the difference at all.

Of course, BTS-1 also has a lot of play, such as connecting multimedia speakers, ear and so on.