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Marine Bluetooth Receiver How To Use
Sep 05, 2017

Below I will introduce the high quality ocean bluetooth receiver, bluetooth receiver, Tianyi bis - 1:

Tianyi BTS - 1 bluetooth receiver, is dedicated to solve various hi-fi equipment (more than infinite sky high fidelity audio amplifier equipment) and the high fidelity of digital bluetooth connectivity technology research and development and product design Marine bluetooth receiver bluetooth wireless receiver. It solves the problem of bluetooth wireless connectivity between the phone and the laptop music library, as well as hi-fi stereo in the range of 15-30 meters. As long as the user holds a mobile phone, you can walk freely in the living room and other rooms, and enjoy control and enjoy the bluetooth music library of high fidelity hi-fi stereo, playing the sound of nature!

The condition of high fidelity bluetooth receiver, any brand speakers can connect your mobile phone, mobile phone use into high fidelity, through non-destructive Marine bluetooth receiver APTX bluetooth transmission mode, a large number of non-destructive songs in the mobile phone through your high-fidelity audio system combination play the wonderful sounds of nature.

The bluetooth receiver is a very simple and easy to use bluetooth receiver: open the bluetooth mobile phones and other equipment, find "Tonewinner" automatically matching, as long as the mobile device is bluetooth APTX transmission, BTS - 1, automatically APTX decoding. When the analog output is assigned to a fiber-optic or coaxial output to a "number", you need to switch to "simulation".

Bluetooth stereo headset + disk, USB mode: by chip with bluetooth headset to receive audio compressed into analog U disk MP3, bluetooth receiver, ocean and then let the speaker and other machines think this is a U disk, and read MP3, and then through the speaker decoding chip into an acoustic signal. (good quality, poor compatibility, high time delay, 0.5 seconds, suitable for listening to songs)

Note.) the reason for the delay some time, the ocean bluetooth receiver, because some machines have buffer mechanism, it will read MP3 player for a few seconds to a few seconds, especially cars, because cars in traffic, automobile manufacturers in order to prevent wave caused by poor contact and interrupt music, may join the buffer mechanism.

Ancillary mode: bluetooth stereo headset, no battery, ocean bluetooth receiver without speaker, voice queuing. 100% compatible with auxiliary equipment, sound quality is not very good, Marine bluetooth receiver compatibility strong, the time delay is small, around 0.2 seconds), power amplifier decoder chip is much more expensive than the product price, the price is in there)

The speaker delay time of all bluetooth headsets is close to 200ms, and the ship's bluetooth receiver is 0.2 seconds. This is the basic feature of bluetooth stereo $literal, but it won't affect the listening tone. Look at video, but you can sync it by playing the sound of the software.

The computer link sees the video delay processing method, and you can set up the software on the sound synchronization Settings.

How to use it:

USB mode: directly insert the bluetooth audio receiver into the speaker/AMP/car itself and set it to USB playback and play by play. A successful connection to the mobile phone's bluetooth connection will be sung out loud.

Note: the phone connects to the singing voice, the ocean bluetooth receiver and so on 1 minute speaker/amp/car has no voice, click on the speaker/amp/car on the play key.

Ancillary mode: the first 3.5 audio cable insert, ocean bluetooth receiver, and finally insert the USB port, which can switch to the auxiliary mode.

Tianyi BTS - 1 bluetooth wireless receiver solve the interconnection of mobile media and high-fidelity audio hi-fi, it USES bluetooth SBC or bluetooth APTX mobile media transmission function, and receive support bluetooth audio signal after three output modes: Marine bluetooth receiver analog output, coaxial output, optical fiber output, then enter the traditional hi-fi, perfect solved the high fidelity of mobile multimedia replay, the media is not small, so to speak.

Bluetooth APTX is the most outstanding wireless audio transmission patent technology development enterprise social responsibility, provides a complete audio transmission of the same high quality audio CD. The audio bandwidth transmitted by the 20 hz-22khz APTX is delayed less than 3, and the bandwidth of the female and CD is consistent with the sampling quality of the ocean bluetooth receiver. Compared with other high-quality wireless streaming technologies, APTX USES the simplest coding techniques to provide efficient energy and stability. APTX requires bluetooth receivers to support APTX technology, which can include bluetooth 4.0 and low power support, wideband voice, APTX hi-fi audio, CVC noise and other technologies.