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Marine Bluetooth Receiver Features
Jul 12, 2017

The Bluetooth adapter adds a Bluetooth emitter to a device without Bluetooth. Such as your laptop configuration without Bluetooth, then buy a Bluetooth adapter to the computer plug, Marine Bluetooth Receiver you can use the Bluetooth function, such as send and receive files. As for how to use the Bluetooth adapter, it is a fool operation, online plug, with the same way to use the phone Bluetooth. Marine Bluetooth Receiver Bluetooth adapter is cheaper, also a few dollars of things.

Bluetooth adapter is generally used in the computer, used to connect Bluetooth devices, with Bluetooth signal reception and send function, can be regarded as a Bluetooth receiver; Marine Bluetooth Receiver like a network adapter used to connect the same network equipment; you said above the Bluetooth receiver Belong to special equipment, generally supporting other equipment to use, like GPS Bluetooth receiver, Marine Bluetooth Receiver can be connected to the phone using GPS function, different Bluetooth receiver has a different price.

Bluetooth adapter will be prompted to find the new mobile hardware, and in the lower right corner of the task bar appears blue small icon, with the mouse point blue icon, pop-up menu bar, Marine Bluetooth Receiver select the above "add Bluetooth device." At this time the computer appears on the dialog box, suggesting that the phone on the Bluetooth must open your Bluetooth device to open the Bluetooth device. Marine Bluetooth Receiver In the computer on the dialog box, select "open Bluetooth device", press "next", then the computer's Bluetooth adapter automatically search the phone, wait a moment, the computer shows you to open the Bluetooth device, the phone also shows the computer Name, double click on the computer "you open the Bluetooth device" icon, Marine Bluetooth Receiver follow the prompts to set. Marine Bluetooth Receiver The computer will pop up a dialog box asking for encryption, select "own manual encryption", and in the back of the box, enter "123", point the next step. The phone also appears to find the Bluetooth device and prompted for a password, Marine Bluetooth Receiver the same input in the phone "123" and determine the wait, the computer and the phone will automatically match. The bottom right of the computer shows "Bluetooth device has been added and can be used" on it.

If you need to download the file to the Bluetooth device, Marine Bluetooth Receiver first in the computer to find the need to download the file, click on the file icon on the right mouse button, and then select "Send to" in the Bluetooth icon to send. At this point you must make sure you open the Bluetooth device on the Bluetooth is open, according to the computer prompts for a simple operation on it. Marine Bluetooth Receiver Bluetooth device will automatically receive the file - automatically save the file to the appropriate folder, save also prompts you whether to use immediately, the choice is to use immediately, select No, you just enter the corresponding folder, such as your pass Is the MP3 file, Marine Bluetooth Receiver you can enter the "File Manager" in the "sound" folder to play and view.