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Marine Accessories The Basic Knowledge Of The Anchor
Sep 20, 2017

The basic knowledge of the anchor of the marine accessories, anchors generally refers to the ship anchor, is the main component of the ship anchoring equipment. Irons of the ship, with iron chain attached to the ship, the anchor anchor in the bottom, you can make the ship stable.

The ancient anchor is a large stone, or a basket of baskets filled with stones, called "anchorage". The anchor is tied to the bottom of the water with a rope, and the ship is parked at its weight. Later, there are claws of stone anchor, that is, on both sides of the stone tied to the claws, by the weight and grip to make the boat moored. Southern China has a record of metal anchors. Ancient Chinese sailboats use four-clawed iron anchors, which have excellent performance and are still used on sampans and boats.

When the ship sailed when the wind was difficult to dock, its safety was entirely dependent on the anchor. Warships or sea vessels of the anchor, and some weight to reach the pounds. Its forging method is the first hammer into four iron claws, and then the iron claws one by one in the boat anchor body. Three thousand pounds of iron anchors, you can first in the furnace next to a diameter of an anvil, when the forging interface at both ends have been burning red, and then lifted to the furnace charcoal, with a bundle of metal sticks to the end They are gripped by an anvil. If it is about a kilo of iron anchors, you must first build a wooden shed, so many people are standing on the shed, together to hold the chain, the other end of the chain of anchors at both ends of the large iron ring, Lift the anchor and turn it as needed, and all together to hammer the four iron claws of the anchor. Then the iron with the "drug" is not yellow mud, and with the screen of the old wall of mud powder, by a person will continue to sprinkle it on the interface, together with the iron hammer, so that the interface will not have micro-gap The. In the work of the hammer, the anchor is the largest forged object.

Recommended accessories for the purchase of hardware for marine parts manufacturers

See material, choose copper quality

According to the marine accessories manufacturers understand from the material, the hardware pendant with copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, plastic and so on several. Suggest that you buy copper accessories. The reason is very simple, aluminum will be oxidized, the alloy will rust, plastic deformation, stainless steel is really difficult to rust, but if the quality of the problem can not guarantee stainless steel rust. Copper does not have these problems with good plating. Especially the base, moisture-proof or copper is good.

Look at the inside, the election is also the same hollow copper, also divided into hollow tube and solid copper, it is recommended to buy hollow tube. After all, just used to hang towels, solid pole is not practical,

Why is it cost. Look at the coating to be smooth

According to the marine accessories manufacturers understand the most difficult to choose the pendant is to see the coating, because for the average consumer, the rough look at the basic are the same. Coating treatment is essential for copper pendants, it relates to product life, finish, wear resistance. At the same time coating treatment is also the copper pendant production process in addition to the largest cost outside the copper embryo. The specific plating process is not much to say. How to judge a copper key coating is good or bad? Good coating black shiny, there is a sense of moisturizing, and poor quality of the coating is shiny dim. Good coating is very smooth, and poor quality coating will see the surface of a wave-like ups and downs. The surface is also a depression is certainly inferior products. Good coating more wear-resistant, stores in the store put the sample every day to wipe, a good product surface can not see the basic scratches, and inferior to the surface of the product there will be dense scratches.