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Marine Accessories Industrial Development
Oct 27, 2017

The development of shipbuilding industry is a microcosm of the development of national economy and the improvement of national science and technology. With the development of China's shipbuilding industry, Marine Accessories China's marine pump, whether in scientific research, design, production and technological level have been constantly developed, improved and improving. In addition to the full absorption and utilization of other pump industry design experience, production technology and scientific research, Marine Accessories but also because of the marine pump ship conditions for more than 40 years to carry out uninterrupted research work and the results obtained in the design and production Practice in the successful application and promotion.

The study of the hydraulic model is one of the early results. Marine Accessories Many of the marine pump products designed in the 1980s were generally more efficient than the original JB3559-1984 and approached or reached the international advanced level of similar products in the same period. In addition, the design of high cavitation performance pump, self-priming pump design and self-priming time calculation, Marine Accessories the selection of corrosion-resistant materials, the study of water-lubricated bearings, the development of high-pressure and transformer mechanical seals and the standardization of products, serialization And generalization have made a series of gratifying scientific research. In the solution of special purpose pump calculation method, Marine Accessories improve the pump product structure and manufacturing process, also made remarkable achievements for our shipbuilding industry and the development of naval equipment to make some useful contribution.

With the development of science and technology and the design and use of the pump system, the improvement of the technical requirements for the marine pump has made the marine pump research and design and manufacturing departments have to carry out the theoretical basis and technical problems of the marine pump. Marine Accessories the study. On the basis of what has been achieved, the research trends that have been developed or are planned and possible in the future are mainly:

(1) the development of large pumps and special purpose pumps, Marine Accessories including special sealed pumps, sealed pumps and special vessels for special pumps.

(2) to simplify and improve the structure of the pump to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the pump on the ship, to support the maintenance of the workload and reduce the operation and maintenance personnel and high technical requirements.

(3) to carry out on the marine pump and pump system economy research, Marine Accessories so that pump designers and users to explore the pump to improve their own efficiency and efficiency of the pump system.

(4) the use of advanced technology and equipment to improve the speed of marine pump speed control and control, so that machine control and remote control and digital centralized collection and processing.

(5) in the product design calculation process to increase the reliability of maintainability design calculation and evaluation of the new content of standard research, the development of fault prediction technology.

(6) the development, Marine Accessories application and promotion of new engineering materials, to ensure the mechanical properties under the premise of full attention to the material corrosion resistance and the media in the use.

(7) take full account of the installation and operating conditions of marine pumps to improve the vibration resistance of the pump and reduce its operating vibration, Marine Accessories mechanical noise and fluid noise.

(8) to improve the standardization of the internal parts of the pump, serialization and versatility, the number of special products in the series to the minimum level to reduce the amount of spare parts on the ship.