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Marine Accessories Complete The Sailing Of The Ship
Aug 17, 2017

An operating vessel must be fitted with a wide variety of equipment. Through the application of these equipment to complete the ship sailing, by berthing, loading and unloading of goods and other production operations, and to ensure the safety of ships and personnel. The main equipment of the ship is power equipment, handling equipment, handling equipment and safety equipment.

Ship power equipment

The ship must be equipped with a complete set of power plants and auxiliary equipment that meet the specifications before navigating on the water. These power units include marine mains, auxiliary power units, steam boilers, refrigeration and air conditioning units, compressed air units, marine pumps and piping systems, water installations and automation systems. This electromechanical equipment is mainly concentrated in the engine room, the technical department that specializes in the management of these equipment is the engine department.

1, the main force device

Ship main force device, also known as "host", it is the ship's heart, is the ship's most important part of power equipment,

2, auxiliary power device

Ship auxiliary power plant, also known as "auxiliary", refers to the ship's generators, it is the ship in the normal situation and emergency situations to provide electricity. By the engine group, power distribution board and other mechanical and electrical equipment constitute a ship power station.

3, steam boiler

Diesel engine for the host of the ship, need to have a steam boiler, which consists of auxiliary fuel and exhaust gas boiler and supporting services for the pipeline system, equipment. Auxiliary fuel boilers are needed to supply some auxiliary steam on the ship, such as heating fuel and oil, heating, domestic water, kitchen, water and so on, and to meet the needs of some auxiliary steam. In order to save energy, the exhaust gas boiler in the voyage uses the waste heat in the exhaust of the diesel engine to produce steam, and only uses the auxiliary oil boiler when parked.

4, refrigeration and air conditioning devices

The installation of refrigeration equipment is refrigerated transport of goods, refrigerated a certain amount of food and improve the crew and passengers living conditions and so on. The task of the air conditioning unit is to keep the cabin in a climatic condition suitable for people working and living, including summer cooling, dehumidification, winter heating, humidification and ventilation throughout the year. Its main equipment are refrigeration compressors, evaporators, condensers, air conditioners and their automation control components.

5, compressed air device

General ships are equipped with multiple air compressors and multiple compressed air bottles to supply the compressed air required for the whole ship, such as the use of compressed air to start the main and auxiliary diesel engines; host for the air flute, deck pneumatic machinery and other equipment Provide air supply. Its main equipment is air compressor, gas cylinders, piping and safety, control components and so on.

6, marine pumps and piping systems

On board the ship in order to pump water, fresh water, fuel, lubricants and other liquids, need a certain number and different types of pumps. Generally in the cabin must be installed bilge pumps, fuel and oil pump, boiler feed pump, cooling water pump, ballast pump, sanitary pumps and other major pumps and pumps. Connected with the pump, the ship set up a variety of uses of the pipeline.

7, water plant

   Water-making device, also known as water-generating machine, is in a vacuum state of the sea water to produce steam, and then condense the steam into a fresh water equipment.

8, the automation system

   With the advancement of science and technology and the extensive application on board, the cabin control system is more and more advanced, the long-distance operation and centralized control of the ship's power plant greatly improves the working conditions of the crew, improves the working efficiency and reduces the maintenance and repair Workload. It is an indispensable part of modern ships to automate the system of remote control, automatic adjustment, monitoring, alarm and other equipment for main cabin, auxiliary equipment and other mechanical equipment.