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Marine Accessories Basic Knowledge Of Anchor
Sep 05, 2017

Marine accessories manufacturers to talk about the purchase of hardware

According to the Marine accessories manufacturer, hardware hangings include copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, plastic, etc. I suggest you buy copper fittings. The reason is simple, aluminum will oxidize, the alloy will rust, the plastic will be deformed, the stainless steel can be very difficult not to rust, but if the quality has the problem of stainless steel can not guarantee not to rust. Copper will not have these problems through good plating. Especially the base, moisture-proof waterproof or copper good.

Look inside, choose hollow also is copper, also divide into hollow tube and solid copper strip, suggest buy hollow tube. After all, it is just to hang up the towel, the solid pole is not practical,

Why the cost. Look at the coating. It's smooth

According to the Marine accessories manufacturer, the most difficult thing to do is to look at the coating, because for the average consumer, the rough look is the same. The coating processing is crucial for the copper hanging parts, which relates to the life of the product, the smoothness and the wear-resisting degree. At the same time, the coating process is also the biggest cost in the manufacture of copper - hanging parts. The specific electroplating process is not much said. How do you determine the quality of a key copper coating? Good coating black light, there is a kind of runze feeling, and the inferior coating is shiny and dim. Good coatings are very flat, and the poor quality of the coating will see a wavy fluctuation on the surface. On the surface, there is also a lot of inferior products. Good coating is more wear-resistant, the sample of the store in the store is to be wiped every day, good product surface basically can't see the scratch, and the inferior product surface will have dense hemp mark.

Basic knowledge of ship's anchor

A ship anchor is a main part of a ship's anchor. The iron stop vessel, with chains attached to the ship, anchor the anchor to the bottom, can make the ship stop.

An ancient anchor was a large stone, or a basket full of stones, called ikari. The anchorage stone is fastened to the bottom, and the ship is anchored by its weight. Then there was the anchor of a wooden claw, which was to hold the wooden claws on both sides of the rock, and to hold the ship by weight and strength. There are already records of metal ship anchors in southern China. The Chinese ancient sailboat used the four-claw iron anchor, which has excellent anchors and is still used in sampan and boat.

Whenever a ship sails into a gale that is difficult to dock, its safety depends entirely on the anchor. A ship or ship anchor, some weighing tens of thousands of pounds. It is forged by hammering into four iron claws before picking up the iron claws one by one on the anchor. Within three hundred jins iron anchor, to Ann in the stove a anvil, a foot in diameter when forgings are burned on both ends of the interface, then lift to furnace carbon, with wrapped in a metal stick them at the end of the clip to hammer on the anvil. If is one thousand jins iron anchor, the need to build a wooden shack, let many people standing on the tent, hold the chains together, the other end of the chain in anchor body on both ends of the large hoop, hang anchor and turns it as required, the resultant force of the anchor four iron claw hammer close up one by one. The "compound" of iron is not the yellow mud, but the old wall of mud that is sifted through, by one person, it is constantly sprinkled on the interface, together with the iron hammer, so that the interface will not have a small gap. In the hammer work, the ship's anchor is the biggest forging object.