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Antenna With Backfire
Nov 19, 2016

The backfire of the antennae is based on the principle of cavity coherent addition. Resonator is made up of the main reflector and subreflector and feed structure. Fed by slow-wave structure of the source of radiation into the main reflector, again by the main reflector reflects back, subreflector fork again reflected, along its axis to form in the cavity. Standing wave field ". Formation of "standing cross field condition is primary and secondary reflector spaced multiples of ^/2. Backfire antenna form a resonant cavity is opening the proper dimensions of each part of the antenna, the open cavity of the energy can be radiated into free space, forming sharp steering, along the axial direction of maximum radiation. Due to the radiation of the radiation pattern of antennas and feed in opposite directions, so the antenna is considered "antenna back."