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Antenna Polarization Loss
Nov 19, 2016

Vertical polarized waves with vertical polarization antenna to receive horizontally polarized wave has a horizontal polarization antenna to receive. Right-hand circular polarized waves using right-hand circular polarization antenna to receive left circularly polarized wave has a left hand circular polarization antenna to receive.

As to the polarization direction is inconsistent and the receiving antenna polarization direction, received signal will be smaller, meaning that polarization losses. For example: when using the + 45 ° polarization antenna vertical polarization or horizontal polarization wave, or when using vertical polarization antenna receiving +45 ° polarization or-45 ° polarization waves, cases, polarization losses. Using circular polarization antenna polarization wave, or any linear polarization antenna receiving the circularly polarized waves, cases,------inevitable polarization losses can only receive half of the wave energy.