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Antenna Gain
Nov 19, 2016

Gain refers to: input power under equal conditions, the actual antenna radiation unit the same point in space with the ideal ratio of signal power density of the premises. It quantitatively describe a concentrated radiation antenna input power level. Gain and antenna have a close relationship, pattern more narrow main lobe and smaller sidelobe, high gain. ------Physical meaning can understand gain at a certain distance from a point on a certain size of signal, if the ideal non-directional point source as a transmitting antenna, 100W of power, with a gain of g = 13 dB = 20 when a directional antenna as transmitting antenna, power input just 100/20 = 5 w. In other words, the gain of an antenna on its radiation effect on the direction of maximum radiation, compared to the ideal point source and non-directional, multiples of the power amplifier input.