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Antenna Dipole
Nov 19, 2016

Dipole is a classic, by far the most widely used type of antenna, a single half-wave dipole can be simply a separate site or use as a feed parabolic antenna, also can use multiple half-wave dipole antenna array. Arms of equal length dipole is called a dipole. Each arm length one-fourth one-second wavelength wavelength, a distance of oscillators, saying half-wave dipole. Addition, also has a shaped half wave symmetric vibration child, can as is will full wave symmetric vibration child equivalent into a narrow long of rectangle box, and put full wave symmetric vibration child of two a endpoint phase stack, this narrow long of rectangle box called equivalent vibration child, note, equivalent vibration child of length is for one-second wavelength, so called half twists and turns collection vibration child, see Figure 1.2 b.