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Indoor ceiling antenna
Nov 19, 2016

Indoor ceiling antennas must have a light structure, beautiful appearance, easy to install and so on.

See interior ceiling antennas on the market today, beautiful color a lot, but that nearly all the core structure is the same. This sucking top antenna of internal structure, although size is small, but due to is in antenna broadband theory of based Shang, with computer of auxiliary design, and using Network Analyzer for debugging, so can is good to meet in very wide of work band within of standing wave than requirements, according to national standards, in is wide of band within work of antenna its standing wave than index for VSWR ≤ 2. Of course, it's up to VSWR ≤ 1.5 better. Incidentally, interior ceiling antennas belonging to the low-gain antenna, usually, g = 2 dBi.

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