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Antenna radio multipath propagation
Nov 19, 2016

Ultra short wave and microwave bands, radio wave propagation we will encounter obstacles (such as buildings, tall buildings or hills) on the radio wave reflection. Thus, reach the receiving antenna with multiple reflection wave (broadly speaking, the ground reflection should also be included), a phenomenon called multipath propagation.

Due to multipath, the spatial distribution of electric field intensity is quite complicated, big moves, some local signal strength enhancement, where signal strength decreases due to multipath effects, can also bring about changes in the polarization direction of the wave. In addition, different obstacles on radio wave reflection is different. For example: steel and concrete buildings of ultra short wave and microwave reflection ability is stronger than brick walls. We should try to overcome the negative effects of multi-path propagation effects, this is where communication of high quality communications networks, often using space diversity technology or cause of the polarization diversity technique.